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Mary Frances has received numerous accolades including the honor of being named Accessory Designer of the Year by the prestigious 2004 Dallas Fashion Awards. Her eclectic and ever-changing handbags share one commonality: they are inspired by her personality. The artful handbags and accessories are characterized by fun and luxurious fabrics, beadwork, trims and stones. The unique and bold look of a Mary Frances design has inspired many to collect these radiant pieces. Every Mary Frances treasure is individually hand crafted by skilled artisans, paying close attention to detail and quality.

These boots were made for shopping, feminine handbags with a kick. These vintage cowboy boots were charmed off cattle barons, ranch hands, bronco busters, and cowboys throughout the Wild West and are used to create a romantic new style. Rugged leather in earthy shades of coal, tan, honey, and saddle combined with contrast stitching and embossing make the best of the Old West new again!

Corral nuggets, polished agate, carved turquoise, cherry, pineapple and aqua marine rock quartz are just a few of the natural and semi precious stones used in creating the handles of these beautifully handcrafted one of a kind purses!